4 Tricks to Help Your Kids to Learn Good Oral Health

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4 Tricks to Help Your Kids Learn Good Oral Health and Hygiene Practices

Do you want your kids to have a great smile? Are you worried about their oral health? Parents are always concerned about the welfare and health of their kids and want to provide them with the best medical & dental facilities. However, parents fail to teach their kids good oral health and hygiene lessons that can go a long way to ensure that kids can keep their teeth and gums clean and thereby prevent any oral health issues in the near future. One of the most common issues parents face is that they are not quite sure how to teach their kids valuable oral health and hygiene lessons which kids can pick up and emulate. Kids have their own moods and ways to learn and therefore parents need to get a bit creative and think of how they can make the learning experience fun and easy to remember.

Here are 4 tricks that can help you do just that to ensure your kids understand the importance of oral health and hygiene and practice it.

Be the Role Model

Kids are constantly observing you and they look up to you as their role model. If you don’t practice good oral health and hygiene, they won’t either. Hence, a better way to make them follow good oral health and hygiene practices is to start practicing it yourself. Since kids are visual learners they will follow your practices and it will be easier for you to tell them why you do it and why they should follow it as well.

Rewards & Incentives

Positive reinforcement is another way to ensure that your kid follows good oral hygiene and health practices right from the start. If your kid is lazy, you can reward them with something that they would appreciate and similarly you can keep them away from it when they don’t follow it. Smaller rewards will encourage them to follow your orders and that way you can be sure kids understand the importance of oral health and hygiene.

Interesting Stories

Kids are passionate about stories. If you’re good at creating stories you can come up with stories on how important good oral health is and how it will make their teeth and gum stronger which eventually leads to healthy body. Add in some of their favorite fictional characters and incorporate story ideas that will help them to connect with the objective of the story.

Enhance the Experience

Most bathroom designs are boring and kids often are not very excited about getting up and brushing their teeth. To enhance their experience you can renovate the bathroom and add some of their favourite colours. You may also change the mirror design as per the theme and buy some colourful toothbrushes which have their favorite characters on it.

While these tricks can help you to teach your kids with better oral health and hygiene you also need to ensure that you adhere to strict time routine which will convert these practices into daily lifestyle allowing your kids to take care of their teeth and gums even without enforcing them any further.


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