How UV Light Sanitizes your Toothbrush

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Ever since the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to Niels Finsen in 1903  for his use of UV light against tuberculosis, this method has been used for sanitization with unrivaled success. Firstly, UV Light was used in medical sanitization to eliminate germs and achieve a sterile work environment. Apart from hospitals, UV light was introduced in food preparation, water treatment plants, salons and so on. Using this proven germicidal ultraviolet light technology,   Clean Power has brought consumers attractive and practical toothbrush sanitizers.


So how does UV Light sanitize your precious toothbrush?

Unfortunately, toothbrushes are prone to harboring bacteria. The moist toothbrush bristles provide the perfect environment for bacteria to stay alive and reproduce. But do not fear! Clean Power’s UV Sanitizers for Toothbrushes kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria thanks to the powerful germicidal UV bulb. It’s powerful against nasty germs like H1N1, E. Coli, Staph, Salmonella, Strep, and Listeria. Clean Power’s UV Sanitizers for Toothbrushes penetrate the cells of bacteria, disrupting their DNA and killing all the disease causing agents.


The Science behind our UV Sanitizers for Toothbrushes

So how does germicidal ultraviolet light work? Here are the details of how we use germicidal ultraviolet light in Violife sanitizers. Ultraviolet disinfection technology targets and destroys disease-causing microorganisms. When these microorganisms are exposed to UV light their production is restricted. Over 100 years ago, scientists concluded that the specific wavelength of 254 nanometers (nm) has the most success, effectively limiting the reproduction and growth of pathogens. Violife has used this awesome technology to bring you products of compact size, cool design, yet powerful enough to protect you and your family. Lead a healthy life and keep your toothbrushes germ and bacteria free.

Healthy Smile Category Zaps Germs and Bacteria in just 7 Minutes

Check out the products from our healthy smile category! It all started with our original revolutionary Countertop UV Toothbrush Holder and Sanitizer.

We extended the success of this product to the UV Toothbrush Sanitizer. The cute design of our item is a very powerful high-tech germ and bacteria killing power. It comes in various styles, from bright colors and characters to elegant and simple colors. They are adorable and make a thoughtful gift!

Clean Power has also created a toothbrush sanitizer for those on the move that lets you keep your toothbrush germ-free when you travel. Our Travel Safe UV Toothbrush Sanitizer comes in a sleek design and has become a favorite travel accessory.

Choose your favorite style and save your toothbrush. Our sanitizers work like a charm. They get rid of germs and bacteria zapping them out in just minutes! Gift a Clean Power UV Toothbrush Sanitizer and give someone a truly healthy smile!

How UV Light Sanitizes your Toothbrush|News-Clean Power Limited  How UV Light Sanitizes your Toothbrush|News-Clean Power Limited How UV Light Sanitizes your Toothbrush|News-Clean Power Limited   How UV Light Sanitizes your Toothbrush|News-Clean Power Limited

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